Tuesday, 29 October 2013

FEATURE: Tracks of the Week - 25/10/13

*Originally published for The Line Of Best Fit (25/10/13)

We revisit the sounds that have been whirring around our heads the last seven days. Consider your weekend playlist sorted with our selection of the best new tunes around.

Stockholm’s Erik Hassle has been quiet these past few months, so he needed to bring us something special on his return. 'Talk About It' is his boldest effort to date: synths sweep, cymbals crash and Hassle’s soulful vocals blast out a hooky chorus. A smooth, electro pop nugget.

Shirking any attempt at slick production was Australian producer D.D Dumbo with his rough ‘n’ ready, 'Tropical Oceans'. Unhinged lyrics go hand in hand with unhinged sounds: deep south riffs skip intermittently between tribal percussion and shrill harmonies. A collaboration with Grizzly Bear would work far too well.

London girl Rainy Milo showed-off her slow jams with new track, 'Rats'. A fresh take on RnB, Miss Milo mixes crisp electronics with colloquial vocals and reggae echoes. It’s quietly confident and instantly catchy, nodding to the bright pop components of AlunaGeorge.

Genre-defying, gravity-defying, just-about-anything defying, are Febueder. ‘Alligator’ is so damn exciting it hurts. Four and a half minutes are crammed with different songs – or so the unpredictable structures make you believe. Mischievous guitars, barmy vocals and rattlesnake rhythms creep and crawl. The band’s green and pleasant land of Ascot couldn’t sound further away.

Lastly, wrapping us in its warm textures was the new tune by vocalist Nicole Millar. The Australian is very much in demand at the moment, collaborating with Cosmo’s Midnight, Emoh Instead and now Nottingham’s Crvvcks. Downbeat rhythms and crackling synths make for an ambient, post-dubstep dream.

Listen to our selection of the week’s best tracks below:

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