Monday, 7 February 2011

REVIEW: Bloc Party, 'Intimacy'

'Intimacy' is undoubtedly an extension of the soundscapes in 'A Weekend in the City', yet it’s more refreshing and bares similarities to the Bloc Party's debut, 'Silent Alarm'. ‘Ares’ opens with a cacophony of raging drums, sliding distorted guitars and Kele’s political vocals immediately instigate a new excitement. The band return to the splendour of previous songs such as ‘So Here We Are’ in ‘Biko’, which is so utterly honest in its lyrics, "you’re not doing this alone/resist" against cancer. The progression of a sensual bass, overlapping of voices and pulsating synthesisers formulate an overtly beautiful song. Upbeat melodies also frequently juxtapose gentle ballads - ‘One Month Off’ has the potential as a new live favourite with its dirty mix of heavily distorted guitars and joltering synths as does ‘Halo’, while ‘Ion Square’ displays an epic closure with haunting keyboards and jangling guitars. ‘Trojan Horse’ and ‘Zephyrus’ are slightly stale; however don’t miss ‘Signs’, ‘Mercury’ and ‘Better than Heaven’. Overall, a definite must-have!

Published for 'Impact Magazine', December 2008.

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