Monday, 7 February 2011

LIVE: Annie Mac @ Stealth, Nottingham - 1st October 2010

3.05am. The wait for Annie Mac is over. After rushing from one of her gigs in Lincoln, she takes to the stage unannounced and lets the music explode before the crowd, dropping melodic synths, clipped samples and heavy beats from every corner of Stealth’s sweat box. As a relatively new fan, it was incredible to see the room come alive so quickly with her presence, regardless of the fact that she had not spoken a word nor lifted her dark mass of curly hair from the decks. The crowd happily delved into the dubstep bass lines and syncopated rhythms and before long, Annie threw them off course by creating her own live mash up, switching to DnB with the likes of Shy FX and then mixing her set further with Swedish House Mafia’s energetic, ‘One’.

Annie consistently attended to everyone’s musical needs – she successfully prolonged breakdowns for a good few minutes, before swelling crescendos finally exploded into cacophonies of heavy beats and frenzied dances. She also continued to display a perfect balance between the unpredictable and predictable; one minute presenting you with an eclectic mash up of underground electro and dubstep tunes, and the next, briskly moving on to more well known tracks, such as the first lady of dubstep, Katy B’s track, ‘On a Mission’. The power behind the sub-bass here propelled itself through the hundreds packed into the club before the final song, M.I.A ‘Paper Planes’ burst onto the scene, with Annie’s repeated and spliced samples adding yet another dimension to the immense diversity and excitement of her set overall.

Published for 'Impact Magazine' on 12th November 2010.

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