Sunday, 17 March 2013

FEATURE: Hilang Child

*Originally published for The Tipping Point (13/3/12)

Ed Riman of Hilang Child is one busy man: live musician with The Midnight Beast, one fifth of London folksters Garnets and a professional session drummer. It’s any wonder how he musters the energy for his solo act but when you listen to his delightfully understated pop, you realise it’s not at all forced. It flows naturally and makes complete sense atop these musical projects.
‘Chatuanga’ is a charming introduction to Hilang Child. Humble piano chords loop beneath Riman’s pseudo-American vocals, carrying much of the track’s weight. High hats dance gently and violins stretch out Riman’s earthy hums. If you imagine Ben Gibbard pouring his heart out on a grand piano, you’re just about there. Riman builds all the layers until a colossal ending seems in sight, but he then tucks them in, leaving just marching drums to roll and harmonies to ring. It’s really quite lovely.

First Writings EP, featuring ‘Chatuanga’, is available to download for free at

*Tip courtesy of Rob Platts.

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