Friday, 5 October 2012


*Originally published for The Generator's 'Tipping Point' blog (3/10/12)

Well, well, well, what have we got here? Another bedroom musician using the great ploy of mystery to receive gratuitous attention? It’s not going to work, CUBS, I won’t let it. Those simmering synths and delicate wind chimes...they won’t get me...that organic lo-fi, that won’t do... those stunning, frost-bitten vocals and those surprising tempo changes? That’s it, I can’t resist. CUBS, you’ve won me over to your charming minimalist synth-pop.

There really isn’t much to tell about CUBS except that Amber Bain is the creator of the lovely sounds found on ‘Anthra.’ Imagine Bon Iver’s Emma writing back to him from a lonely English bedroom and you’re kind of there. Her sound isn’t as refined as the American melancholic’s, but it’s certainly impressive for such early material.

CUBS’ crisp-cold vocal quality and multi-layered harmonising is similar to the Scandinavian synth goddesses that have graced the blogosphere over the last two years, but she has her own style that playfully jumps across heart-tugging bass notes and dreamy reverb. 

CUBS' chilling lo-fi sound on ‘Anthra’ is surely going to cause a stir on the internet, especially with the impending winter months. Hibernating will continue to do her well. 

*The Generator tip comes courtesy of Tom Cotton (Amazing Radio).

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