Thursday, 6 September 2012

FEATURE: Spring King


*Originally published for The Generator's 'Tipping Point' blog (6/9/12)

Working under the alias Spring King since March, it seems prolific producer of Tipping Point faves Jethro Fox and Dan Croll, Tarek Musa and friends have been spending a lot of time hanging out with Ty Segall and The Black Lips, or, the more probable situation, wishing they had. Their first penned track, ‘Let’s Ride’, boasts a similar garage-punk sound but is loaded with a faster energy that has already gained attention from the likes of The 405 and Amazing Tunes.

It’s hard to believe Spring King hail from the UK when dusty, Americanized vocals shout over lo-fi riffs and tinny west coast surf solos. Bass and drum breakdowns characterise the verses, while root-note piano adds depth to latter part of their organised car crash of sound. They even manage to squeeze in a couple of whirring synth melodies before the song ends at a measly two minutes and fourteen seconds, but they have made their point and impressively stun us to silence.

Spring King’s aggression and energy on ‘Let’s Ride’ is bound to prick ears up and get people excited about guitar music again – but this time on our home turf.

Today's Generator Tipping Point comes courtesy of Rob Platts at Alan James PR

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