Sunday, 24 June 2012

FEATURE: Ninetails

*Originally published for The Generator's 'Tipping Point' blog (29/5/12)

Ninetails are certainly creating a buzz on the underground music scene, but that’s no thanks to their Pok√©mon-fuelled title. With extensive plays on BBC 6 Music, an EP sold out within two weeks, a record deal with Superstar Destroyer and support slots with Alt-J, Three Trapped Tigers, Errors, Dutch Uncles and Jonquil, it looks like the Liverpool bunch are set for great things.

Their latest single, ‘Blue Bottle Flu’ is tantamount to the hype, with an impulsive I-want-to-click-the-replay-button motion kicking in before the song has finished. At its opening, a slender delayed guitar kisses muted strings before math-rock percussion and angular bass rhythms splash at every direction. It’s very, very Antidotes-era Foals – as much as the band may squeal at such comparison – but that’s nothing to be disheartened about. In fact, to achieve a sound that projects as much musical precision as Foals but bears arguably richer melodies is something to be proud of.

Further still, when you think you have the jist of the song, the foursome takes you on another journey for the remaining thirty seconds. Balmy string slides and celestial harmonies seem a whole world away from the electrifying throbs, crashes and scurrying guitars of the preceding few minutes and the juxtaposition is an absolute joy to listen to.

Ninetails are surely set to get the recognition they deserve.

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