Wednesday, 26 February 2014

LISTEN/WATCH: The Acid, The Night VI, Labyrinth Ear

*Originally published for The Line of Best Fit (17/2/14 - 20/2/14)

The Acid - "Basic Instinct"

The one that nearly got away: this breathtaking video for “Basic Instinct” is an audio-visual triumph, and a statement piece of art from the get-go by burgeoning three-piece, The Acid.

Comprised of Australia-via-LA producer/artist Ry X, grammy-nominated British DJ and producer Adam Freeland and Californian native producer/composer Steve Nalepa, the band came together quietly in early 2013 with the simple aim of making music together. What has emerged is something so spectacular, so untimely, and so down-right intriguing that their genesis is more than a blessing.

“Basic Instinct” – the first we've heard from the band – refuses to be categorised with its wiry acoustics, scuzzy talkbox vocals and house music sentiments. Add to the mix the dystopian-inspired visuals, featuring surrealist, uniformed performers (from notable dance/art group WIFE) jumping slow-mo amongst mountains and lakes, and you've got something all together the more mystifying.

“Coming up for air/coming up for air, air” Ry stutters intimately into your ear, as stunning visual close-ups on the textures of the characters’ creased costumes and mopped hair become at once comforting and discomforting. Dotty synth claps and lyrical repetition flirts with something more dance-lead, if only to be snatched back down to earth by multi-layered acoustics and perturbing oohs. The song isn’t a million miles away from the eclectic and syncopated sounds of latter-day Radiohead – and yet, nothing really like it at all. 

The Acid play their first live show at Chat’s Palace, London on 31 March. Their debut self-titled four-track EP is released on 14 April via Infectious Music.

The Night VI - "Thinkin Bout You" (Frank Ocean cover)

After last year’s elegant debut, “Thinking Of You”, London-based six-piece The Night VI return today with a similarly titled follow-up in the form of a lilting, understated Frank Ocean cover.

Built of warm acoustics, fluttering harp lines, silky harmonies and Sophie-Rose Harper’s gorgeous hum, “Thinkin Bout You” extracts the heavy melody from Ocean’s original and makes it the track’s centerpiece. Subdued, comforting and perfectly executed, it’s a good day to have the band back in our ears.

Labyrinth Ear - "Crescent Moon"

An exclusive taste of what’s to come on their debut full-length, London electronic duo Labyrinth Ear present stunning escapism in their new track, “Crescent Moon”. 

Opening with tumbling drum pads and motorik clicks, the song soon swings into play with glassy house bloops, warm synth kisses and vocalist Emily’s beautiful, husky coo. Equally at home on a balmy Balearic isle than accompanying a contemplative late-night drive, “Crescent Moon” will nicely wrap you up in its intricate polyrhythms and glistening electronic blushes. 

The Orchid Room is released on 14 April, with pre-order available soon.

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