Tuesday, 2 April 2013

FEATURE: Nadine Carina

*Originally published for The Tipping Point (2/4/13) 

LIPA is currently churning out a great deal of exciting artists. Former Tipping Point stars Dan Croll and Ady Suleiman are exemplary students past and present, but today it’s all about their equally-promising classmate, Nadine Carina.

'Chocolates And Cigarettes’ is a welcome introduction to the Swiss singer-songwriter with its sleepy acoustics and shuffle drum patterns. Carina’s vocal has a likeness to Regina Specktor – its off-kilter swing and quirky enunciations (“chocolayte and seegaretts”) sitting comfortably beside the track’s cut 'n' paste instrumentation.

Dustbowl guitars nod to the blues and boast of Carina’s ability to jump between guitar, piano and pedals. Playful harmonies that hark to 50s radio showgirl announcements are neatly interspersed throughout, making the track just that little bit more fun to listen to.

‘Chocolates And Cigarettes’ is refreshingly simple and Nadine Carina certainly adds to Liverpool’s roster of musical talent.

Tip courtesy of Darren Roper (Liverpool Sound City)

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