Tuesday, 8 May 2012


*Originally published for The Generator's 'Tipping Point' blog (8/5/12)

It’s not often that I come across a band who are as to the point as Idles are. The upcoming Bristol 5-piece aren’t huddled away in the crevasses of cyber-space, but are right out in force with a recent support slot for London psych-rockers S.C.U.M and a superb website that tells you everything from the band’s history to their influences and interests (hurrah for music journos)! But it’s their music that really shouts out loud; post-rock creations laden with rugged guitars, chunky basslines and raucous vocals.

New song, ‘Meidei’, taken from their forthcoming EP ‘Welcome’ (out August 6th), is completely wrapped up in these aforementioned sounds. High-hats chomp on chugging basslines, while vocalist Joe Talbot screams over needle-sharp guitars that splutter with distortion. You can definitely nit-pick out the obvious Walkmen, Buzzcocks and edgy Joy Division influences, but Idles swallow them whole and regurgitate a rather compelling sound that is full of their own gritty energy.

'Meidei' is also strange to listen to because it features just guitars, bass, drums and vocals – there are no glockenspiels, casio keys or kitchen utensils here to make the sound (used by many, but not exclusively to those uber-cool hipster types) - but this isn't a problem. It's modern rock ‘n’ roll at its best and the band are surely set for a bright future.

(Tip for The Generator comes courtesy of Sam Betts at Fear Of Fiction).

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